Cannes, FRANCE: (FILES) The "Spice girls" pose for photographers in front of Cannes Martinez Hotel 11 May 1997 as the 50th International Film Festival in Cannes goes on. Pop group the Spice Girls announced 28 June 2007 they are to reform for a world tour, saying "girl power is back and stronger than ever," in a statement posted on their website. AFP PHOTO BERTRAND GUAY (Photo credit should read BERTRAND GUAY/AFP/Getty Images)

The Spice Girls (BERTRAND GUAY/AFP/Getty Images)

The Spice Girls 1996 hit “Wannabe” now has a feminism twist.

As a way to promote gender equality, Project Everyone released a video for girls and women around the globe that took the Spice Girls original and remade it. Project Everyone states on its website that “2016 is our chance to use our collective power and tell world leaders what we really really want for girls and women.”

Similar to the Spice Girls, the performers energetically dance and sing of the things women “really, really want,” which include an end to violence against girls, an end to child marriage, quality education for all girls, and equal pay for equal work.

The girl power video that depicts different cultures is accompanied with the hashtag #WhatIReallyReallyWant. Social media users are encouraged to share their “wants” for women using the hashtag, which will be displayed at the U.N. Sustainable Development Summit in September.

The video has garnered approval from members of the ’90s pop band.

Spice Girl Victoria Beckham tweeted a handwritten note saying what she really wants is for no more girls to die from HIV.

She also hailed the performers for continuing the legacy of the empowerment for women track.

Sporty Spice, also known as Mel C tweeted that she’s “Flattered and honoured that our crazy song is being used so beautifully.”

First Lady Michelle Obama shares similar wants for girls globally. Obama recently returned from her trip to Liberia, Morocco, and Spain where she promoted her initiative, “Let Girls Learn.”

Watch the women empowerment video below.

This article originally appeared on Epoch Times 

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