Rap trio Migos were reportedly involved in a physical altercation with fellow musician Sean Kingston, according to TMZ.

The gossip website reported that Migos—comprised of Quavo, OffSet, and Takeoff—pummeled Kingston, 27, after a melee broke out at an event at the Sands Expo Convention Center in Las Vegas on Feb. 21.

Migos are said to have beaten “Sean badly, allegedly kicking him and stomping on his head.”

Law enforcement sources told TMZ that someone from Kingston’s entourage fired a gun into the air, but nobody was wounded. That person was taken into custody by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Cops were dispatched to the scene but once they arrived the dueling men were already gone. Later that afternoon, Kingston was pulled over for a traffic stop and was “semi-cooperative” with authorities. However, the Jamaican-born artist didn’t name his alleged attackers.

Following the alleged incident, Migos took the stage to perform their Billboard hit “Bad and Boujee” at Drai’s Live in Sin City.

The alleged beatdown reportedly stems from an argument over rapper Soulja Boy, who has a long-running feud with Quavo.

In December, Soulja Boy, 26, released a diss track titled “Beef” and proposed that the two spar. According to Soulja Boy and Kingston, Quavo backed out of the fight.

“Quavo, I texted you my address, [expletive], at one o’clock,” Soulja Boy said in a since-deleted Instagram post. “I waited for you till seven o’clock, we was (sic) ‘sposed to catch the fade, one on one, put it on WorldStar. You never showed up, [expletive]. You know how the fuck I’m rocking, [expletive].”

Kingston echoed similar sentiments stating, “I was right there. [Expletive] said pull up, I want to fight one-on-one. It was to the point where [Quavo] ain’t show up, it’s like okay, he want to go in. [Expletives] was (sic) waiting.”

Rapper Young Thug warned Kingston to stay out of the fray.

“Hey man PSA, that [expletive] with Soulja Boy and Quavo and Migos, let that [expletive] be with them, Sean Kingston relax cause we ain’t going to do too much playing, relax stay out of that and I only gon’ tell you one time,” he said.

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Police are interested in speaking with Migos about the brawl, though there are no warrants out for their arrest.

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