Following the release of his highly-anticipated album Damn last week, Kendrick Lamar released his new video for “DNA.” which is directed by Nabil and the Little Homies (also known as Dave Free and Kendrick).

The video begins with actor Don Cheadle approaching a handcuffed Lamar, who is hooked up to a polygraph test.

“Kendrick Lamar,” Cheadle’s character mockingly states. “Two first names, huh? What the [expletive] is up with that?”

Cheadle then proceeds to lip-sync the song, before the 29-year-old Compton rapper joins in. The pair volleys back and forth, each taking turns to spit the lyrics.

The visual concludes with Schoolboy Q walking towards the camera before punching it out.

Lamar’s latest album is on course to debut No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart. Damn is expected to sell 475,000 album units in the week ending April 20, reported Billboard.

While the album has received much praise, it did come with some controversy after Lamar released the visuals for his single, “HUMBLE.”

The video featured model Carter Kim, 21, who poses in underwear displaying her stretch-mark-striped backside. 

Some critics opposed the choice of Kim as lead — she is multicultural — as “something natural” while others slammed Lamar for defining what is considered natural in a woman. 

“That part is extremely frustrating,” Kim said in an interview with Elle. “…I used to get teased for my hair and told my hair is fake…I’m a little puzzled because a lot of it comes from African American women.”

She added, “I’m just like, why wouldn’t you empower another African American woman who’s just trying to pave the way for her career and also just represent us as women in a music video that have now gone viral. I would just think they would be happy with that, but everyone finds something.”

Kim wasn’t the only one airing her grievances after Lamar’s release, so did Fox News journalist Geraldo Rivera.

Rivera addressed Lamar after the rapper called out himself and Fox News on the song YAH.

Rivera said in a Facebook video that he “has no beef with” Lamar but said he believes hip-hop genre is damaging to the younger generation.

Watch DNA. below:



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