Khloe Kardashian (Mike Rosenthal/ES Magazine)

Khloe Kardashian would marry Tristan Thompson today if the opportunity presented itself.

The 32-year-old reality star and entrepreneur revealed in a recent interview that she has “never been in this type of love” and would love to start a family with the 26-year-old Cleveland Cavaliers power forward.

“I would love to have a family,” she told ES Magazine. “We’ve talked about it. He [already] is a father, and I know for a fact that he would be an impeccable father. I definitely want to be a mom.”

Thompson has a four-month-old son with his former girlfriend, model Jordan Craig.

Khloe Kardashian (Mike Rosenthal/ES Magazine)

Kardashian added, “But I don’t put the pressure on it. It’s not like, ‘the clock is ticking.’ I feel in my soul it will happen.”

Kardashian and Thompson were introduced by a mutual friend last August. Initially apprehensive about being arranged on a blind date, Kardashian was pleasantly surprised to learn that the two shared common interests.

“We both felt this strong energy. I was like, oh this is such a nice, normal man — the normalcy is what I was craving,” she recalled. “I’m a Christian; he’s a believer in God and that’s important to me. Tristan’s morals and ethics are everything I’ve wanted and need in my life.”

Dating a Kardashian comes with the prying eyes of paparazzi and Thompson got his first dose of it when the two vacationed in Mexico. After their photos appeared in the tabloids, Thompson expressed he was okay with the attention. 

“You could tell that was a big pill to swallow. But he accepts who I am. He likes to protect me, which I haven’t had before — someone looking out for me almost before himself,” she said.

However, with their budding romance, Kardashian said she wants to keep more private moments, just that private.

“But now I know I don’t need to put everything on social media and I like to keep some things close to my heart,” she said.

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