The most famous couple of ‘The Muppets’, Miss Piggy and Rene (Kermit) recently announced their separation and now to show that the situation is serious, the characters have joined Tinder for Dating.

Each profile includes the interests of each as well as unflattering comments about your ex-partner. For example Miss Piggy says that her life is full of glamor and that she likes to be in charge in a relationship. On the other hand René mentions that he likes to travel the world and “has a young heart”.

Precisely the breaking of the characters is part of the plot of the series ‘The Muppets’ that will start on ABC, on September 22 this year. In fact it has been established that René is already dating someone else, another sow named Denise. We do not know how Denise has taken that her partner has a profile in the popular dating application, but there is still time to see what else happens.

When you start using Tinder, one of the first things you should do is leave your perfect profile to be as successful as possible. Photo friendly profile and good quality, and an attractive and entertaining biography. These are the councils of Sean Rad, the CEO of Tinder. Interestingly, he does not follow any of them.

The profile of the CEO of Tinder has a blurred photo and a biography of a line

During an interview with GQ magazine , a title that focuses on the young man’s lifestyle, Sean gave some tips for success on his dating platform. Most of them make a lot of sense:

Choose a good main photo . This should represent who you are and if you show a smile, the better.
Secondary photos should add something to your personality. If you choose group photos, they will show your social side.
Your biography is the most important , because 99% of the girls will not match with someone who is not willing to share personal information.
Keep your text focused, but be open. We have a limit of 500 characters, use them.
Now, let’s analyze the profile of this bachelor who has created the most famous dating application today.

Well, this is definitely not the strength of Tinder’s CEO, someone who is supposedly the dating expert. The photo could be great if you were smiling and in focus. After all, appearing on CNBC is not an easy achievement.

Perhaps it is not very relevant to know what the Tinder CEO’s profile looks like, but it shows that during an interview, the businessmen will say everything in order to attract customers.


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