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PUMA to Forever 21: “[Expletive] better have my money!”

PUMA has reportedly filed a federal lawsuit against Forever 21 for copyright infringement based on the fast fashion retailer’s alleged copying of the designs of Rihanna’s Fenty x PUMA collection.

According to court documents seen by TMZ, “Forever 21 has copied at least three of PUMA and Rihanna’s designs — the Creeper, the Bow Slide, and the Fur Slide.”

(L-R) Fenty x PUMA (Puma) and Forever 21 (Forever 21)

The suit alleges Forever 21’s “business model is based on trading off of the established goodwill of reputable, name-brand companies, such as Puma.” 

PUMA wants Forever 21 to not only stop selling the footwear but also to pay back any profits from sales of the “knocked-off” items. 

Across the pond, a German court granted an injunction blocking Topshop from selling its own version of the Fenty x PUMA bow slides.

Topshop slides (The Snobette)

“The Topshop decision is another one in a series of court decisions that Puma has enforced so far in order to stop infringers from copying their Puma by Rihanna and Fenty products,” read a statement from PUMA via The Snobette. “We will continue to take action to enforce our global intellectual property rights both against other brands who seek to trade off our designs and reputation and those who trade in counterfeit products.”

In 2014, Rihanna became PUMA’s global Brand Ambassador and Creative Director for its Women’s Training collections.

After the announcement, Rihanna expressed excitement about her new venture. 

“It is crazy and a little bit surreal. Even the position — to be the Creative Director for Women’s Training for the company, to have them put that much trust in me is such a big deal. It is very exciting because I get the freedom to just explore all these ideas onto PUMA,” said Rihanna.

She added, “I love designing. I have always enjoyed it. We have done it with a few other brands. The thing I love most is the unexpected result between my brand and theirs. It is like having a baby. You put two things together and all of a sudden there is this whole new thing that is coming to life. And I am really excited about what we are going to give birth to.”

The German sportswear company has seen a growth in sales, thanks in part to its collaboration with the multi-platinum singer. Each release has sold out almost immediately after its launch.

In November 2016, Rihanna’s Puma “Creeper” shoe was crowned Shoe of the Year at the Footwear News Achievement Awards. 

“I wanted [the Creepers] to be the first thing that people saw because it was what I was into at the time. I didn’t really expect people to love it the way I do and the way they supported it means so much to me,” Rihanna said during her acceptance speech. “All the Creeper heads and all the kids in the street inspired me just by doing things their own way.”

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