Aaron Hernandez (Getty Images)

Aaron Hernandez (Getty Images)

More than two years have passed since Odin Lloyd was gunned down by former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez.

The life of Lloyd whom his mother, Ursula Ward, described as “the most precious gift” was taken seemingly without provocation and motive.

However, a new report by Newsweek published Friday (April 21) states Lloyd’s murder stemmed from his knowledge of Hernandez’s bisexuality.

Lloyd was allegedly aware that Hernandez had an intimate relationship with a male former high school classmate. According to police sources, Hernandez feared that Lloyd’s girlfriend Shanea Jenkins — the sister of Hernandez’s fiancee Shayanna Jenkins — could reveal his secret to her.

The reputable magazine cites police statements made by Hernandez’s co-defendant Ernest Wallace. 

Wallace told investigators that Lloyd had called Hernandez a “schmoocher” — a reported gay slur — and that he wouldn’t have helped dispose of the murder weapon had he knew Hernandez was a “limp wrist.”

Following Lloyd’s June 2013 murder, authorities interviewed Hernandez’s alleged high school male lover and he was summoned to testify in front of a jury.

Before Hernandez was taken into custody for the murder, he transferred a large amount of money into three accounts. He set aside money for his fiancee, his daughter, and the alleged high school male lover. Among the three, Hernandez allocated the most money to his high school classmate.

A Daily Mail article earlier Friday said that one of three suicide letter found near Hernandez’s body was for his prison boyfriend.

The alleged boyfriend is said to be a 22-year-old suicidal man, who is under 24-hour surveillance.

Before Hernandez took his own life on Wednesday (April 19), he reportedly used a red marker to write the Biblical verse “John 3:16” across his forehead, reported Boston’s WBZ.

Hernandez’s former agent, Brian Murphy, has raised questions surrounding the star athlete’s death. 

“Absolutely no chance he took his own life,” Murphy wrote on Twitter. “Chico was not a saint, but my family and I loved him and he would never take his own life.”

The Hernandez family intends to donate his brain to Boston University’s CTE Center to advance the study of chronic traumatic encephalopathy.


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