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A love match made in tattoo Heaven? 

According to several reports, Ceaser of Black Ink Crew and Bad Girls Club alumna Persuasian are dating. Their budding relationship comes on the heels of Ceaser’s breakup with another reality star — Karlie Redd.

During the reunion of Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta, Karliee confirmed she was single. It was also revealed Cease and fellow LHHATL castmate Tommie messed around. Tommie told viewers she hooked up with the tattoo artist to retaliate against Karliee, who had kissed her ex-boyfriend Scrap.

Cease looks to have a thing for reality stars as he dated his castmate Dutchess. The two tattoo artists  were engaged to be married but that came to a screeching halt after cheating allegations against Cease.

Persuasian (Instagram)

The drama of their relationship was broadcasted on the reality show, which included a woman confronting Dutchess about Cease impregnating her sister.

What wasn’t shown on the VH1 series is Dutchess allegedly catching a charge for Cease. On the Black Ink Crew: Behind the Ink special that aired last Wednesday (July 12), Dutchess claimed she acquired a criminal record for Cease because she loved him.

In response to her claims, Cease said it was untrue.

“When did you catch a charge for me? You went to jail for me?” Cease said in an interview with the network. “Dutchess is such a liar, this [expletive] don’t make no more sense to me. For a person who used to say they love and every minute they get, they lying.”

He continued, “Talking dumb [expletive]. I don’t want to talk to you anymore. You find out who they really are.”

And if you’re wondering where you recognize Persausian from — she was the naked young woman riding a jetski with rapper YG in the video “Pop It, Shake It.”

Watch the NSFW video below:

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