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The grandmother of Joycelyn Savage — the woman allegedly involuntarily living in one of R. Kelly’s homes — doesn’t believe her granddaughter is safe.

Shirley Savage, 72, told Mail Online that she is worried about the well-being of Joycelyn, particularly after she didn’t attend her grandfather’s funeral. Howard Savage passed away this past June in Memphis after a long battle with prostate cancer. 

“He talked to Jocelyn before he died and he begged her to come home. She wouldn’t and it really hurt him,” Shirley said.

“She didn’t come to his funeral. She was very close to her grandfather and close to me. It really hurts us to see this happening to her.”

Joycelyn’s parents — Timothy and Jonjelyn Savage — are increasingly concerned about their daughter, hence why they’ve turned to the media.

“That’s why we are doing this. He’s messing with other girls too and it’s terrible. He has to be stopped,” Shirley said. 

The Savages held a press conference Monday to garner attention about Jocelyn’s alleged captivity. Shortly after, Joycelyn emerged for an interview with TMZ where she reassured her parents that she isn’t in any danger. 

“I am in a happy place with my life, and I’m not being brainwashed or anything like that,” she said. “It definitely has gotten out of hand, so I just want everybody to know that I am totally fine and I’m happy where I’m at.”

Joycelyn also said she chose to not have any contact with her parents. When she was asked about her exact location, the aspiring singer declined to comment.

However, a lengthy expose by Buzzfeed states otherwise. According to former employees of R. Kelly, the crooner houses several women in his Chicago and Atlanta homes. He is said to control their every move, including monitoring their phone calls and social media. 

Kelly “unequivocally” denies all allegations, albeit he’s been plagued with underage sex abuse for nearly three decades.

On Tuesday, Kelly posted an inspirational message on Twitter likely in response to the coverage of his alleged sex-obsessed cult. 

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