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NeNe Leakes knows a few things about cashing in big-time when it comes to reality television.

Her return to the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” didn’t come cheap as it’s been reported she was given more than $2 million to showcase her life for the Bravo cameras.

Now Leakes has some advice for “Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta” star Joseline Hernandez: remain calm, cool, and collected.

“No shade to anybody, this is just NeNe Leakes’ opinion. You need a good team around you and good friends around you,” she said on Atlanta’s V103.

“They need to be talking to you, and you do not need to air your dirty laundry out on social media. You can not fight these networks. They are way bigger than you. You need to fight it behind close doors, and privately.”

Leakes continued, “These networks can do a lot of things. They can really hurt your future career. So my advice would be to never do that.”

She went on advise Hernandez to look at the bigger picture and build her brand so that she able to provide for her daughter, Bonnie Bella.

The RHOA veteran’s advice comes after Hernandez went on a social media rant against Mona Scott-Young, the VH1 show’s creator. Hernandez says Scott-Young owes her $150,000.

“So y’all made me [look] like I am just this crazy person, and everything that went on in the show was not [because] of Mona Scott-Young. Mona, let’s just keep it real. I quit the show, so now y’all wanna run back these [videos] that I did three years ago… You mad because you owe me money, and you on some bullsh*t.”

The self-proclaimed Puerto Rican Princess added: “Stop trying to showcase me as this crazy person.You are upset because I am no longer your monkey. We are gonna go to court behind this. Judge Mathis, holla at me.”

The LHH:ATL reunion is set to air in the following weeks.

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