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Rob Kardashian’s Ex Blac Chyna To Return To Strip Club 

Blac Chyna is returning to the strip club — sort of. 

The 29-year-old beauty is scheduled to make an appearance at Ace of Diamonds in Los Angeles for a cool $10,000. Her new gig comes after it was reported former fiance Rob Kardashian has ceased all financial assistance.  

Chyna (born Angela Renee White) is set to make an appearance at an Atlanta lounge tonight and wants to make sure her ex-fling stay out. 

According to TMZ, Chyna fears for her safety amid reports Ferrari has displayed “obsessive” and delusional behavior towards her. The entertainment website reports the 24-year-old up-and-coming rapper has ignored requests to stop texting and calling her. 

Chyna, who is set to make a club appearance at Medusa in Atlanta Saturday night, hired four additional bodyguards for protection. The club’s owner agreed to not allow Rarri entrance if he were to show up at the establishment tonight. 

Rarri is said to be one of eight men Chyna allegedly cheated on her former fiance Rob Kardashian with. Kardashian exposed Chyna during a social media meltdown, where he accused her of being a drug user and opportunist. 

Chyna’s attorney Lisa Bloom warned Rarri to not follow in Kardashian’s footsteps and release explicit images or videos of Chyna. Shortly after Chyna was granted a restraining order against Kardashian, a video of herself and Rarri kissing in bed was released. 

Kardashian could face jail time after he posted nude photos of Chyna to his social media pages.