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Former Days Inn Employee: Usher Did Arrive At Quantasia Sharpton’s Hotel Room

A former Days Inn hotel employee is coming to the defense of Quantasia Sharpton, the woman who says Usher exposed her to herpes. 

The unnamed woman claims she saw Usher in the lobby at the Days Inn in Atlantic City, New Jersey, hours after he his concert performance, reports TMZ

The hotel staffer says she asked Usher for photo and he assured her that they’d pose for photos when he returns. No photos were ever taken. 

The woman’s claims would corroborate with parts of what Sharpton, 21, said happened on the night in question. 

According to Sharpton, the R&B singer arrived at her hotel room after obtaining her contact information from a security personnel. She said they had sexual contact and she has not heard from him since. 

Sharpton’s alleged sexual encounter with Usher all began when she celebrated her 19th birthday at the New Jersey concert. She said she was plucked out of the audience to join the R&B crooner backstage. It is there where she was told the 38-year-old singer was “interested” in her.

Usher has reportedly denied having any sexual contact with the 21-year-old mother of three, considering Sharpton “isn’t his type.”

It is Usher’s denial, particularly stating Sharpton “isn’t his type” is what prompted the former hotel worker to step forward. Lisa Bloom, Sharpton’s attorney, said most of the victims are plus-sized. 

Sources close to the star say Usher might have invited her onstage as its customary but did not bed her. 

Sharpton’s credibility has come into question after several suspicious Facebook postings. In one instance, Sharpton’s friend refers to her as the “finesse God,” presumably her superb ability to trick and connive people. 

Bloom continues to back her client despite speculation that Sharpton isn’t being truthful. Bloom asserts the case isn’t about monetary gains. 

“We haven’t put a dollar amount on the case. We haven’t asked for a particular amount of money, unlike some other cases that have been filed,” Bloom told Billboard. 

“This is not about money. And what she said in the press conference was, “Hey Usher: If you’re negative just say so, so that everybody’s mind can be put at rest.” Does that sound like somebody to you who’s just greedy for money?”

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