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There’d be no Basketball Wives if it weren’t for Jackie Christie.

Christie – who is currently married to Doug Christie, a former NBA player — says her appearance on the show is what makes the VH1 reality show so successful.

“It’s my baby. I built this. I have been here. I cultivated it,” she told Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club Tuesday.

“I built the audience, and that’s why I continue to do it because it’s a thing with me now where this is my following. This (Basketball Wives) is my legacy I’m leaving behind.”

She might have a point, considering she’s been on the show since its inception in 2010. Christie joined the cast Basketball Wives LA a year later. 

Christie has cut a controversial figure on the reality series. This season, she is feuding with Evelyn Lozada and Shaunie O’Neal. Per Christie, O’Neal doesn’t have the power to fire her, contrary to what fans think. 

“Not to throw Shaunie under the bus, people blame her to be the person to hire and fire,” she told the radio broadcasters. “Shaunie don’t [sic] hire and fire. That ain’t my employer. I’m hired by Viacom, VH1, and Shed. That’s who cuts my checks.”

She continued, “Shaunie is a cast member to me. And that’s why when people ask me do you feel uncomfortable with the Executive Producer being on the show, I’m like no because I’m an Executive Producer (of my own show).”

Christie also addressed her strained relationship with her daughter, Ta’Kari Lee. Lee details her abusive upbringing in her memoir entitled Light to Her Shadow.

“You know, it’s her choice. I love her, Charlamagne. I mean, I love all of my kids,” Christie said. “I’ve always spoiled them. They’ve always lived a privileged life. It ain’t about the material things. It’s about me not having a lot when I was little and when I grew up and was successful, I made sure they had everything they needed and wanted. And I guess I was a little too overprotective and I gave them a little bit too much.” 

Watch Jackie’s interview in its entirety below:


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