Joey Bada$$ (Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Coachella)

Joey Bada$$ was a rebel during Monday’s solar eclipse and it might not have served him well.

The young hip-hop star forwent the utilization of special eyewear to stare at the sun — although news outlets and its experts stressed for everyone to use it — because, according to Joey, his ancestors survived the first eclipse.

The following day, Joey Bada$$ — whose real name is Jo-Vaughn Virginie Scott — announced on Twitter that he is canceling his shows in Cleveland, Chicago, and Toronto for Logic’s Everybody’s tour.

It could be a mere coincidence. Bada$$ or his team have elaborated on what he means by “unforeseen circumstances.”

Donald Trump Looks At The Eclipse Without Eyewear.

President Donald Trump became a trending topic on Monday after he also didn’t wear protective eyewear to star at the solar eclipse.

The Guardian’s Ben Jacobs recapped the moment Trump nearly risked his eyesight.

President Donald Trump, first lady Melania and their son Barron. (Reuters)

“At approximately 2:39, the President initially gesticulated to the crowd below and pointed at the sky,” Jacobs recalled. “As he did so, one of the White House aides standing beneath the Blue Room Balcony shouted ‘don’t look.'”

Trump eventually wore protective eyewear and safely joined in on the environmental spectacle. 

President Donald Trump, first lady Melania and their son Barron. (Reuters)


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