Reality star and rapper Lil Scrappy reportedly wants Bambi to relocate with him to Miami. 

The two recently reconciled after months apart and are said to be working on making their relationship work. 

In doing so, Scrap wants Bambi to join him in the Sunshine state and have decorated their dwelling with her in mind.

“Scrappy wants Bambi to move in with him in Miami, he intends to be with her 24/7, but she is not making it as easy as he was hoping,” an insider said. “She has got her business going in Atlanta and wants to focus on that, but Scrappy is not taking no for an answer.”

“He went and bought all kinds of clothes and gifts and did up the bedroom in his place especially for her,” the source revealed. “He has got pictures of them together up on the wall in frames, he bought her favorite body lotions and perfumes for the bathroom, and he is got them matching bathrobes, he set it all up to impress her.”

The source added, “It impressed her, but not enough for her to move there. He is going to have to do a lot more to make that happen, but he is going to keep working on her, he wants her in Miami with him.”

However, Bambi is taking precautionary measures given Scrappy’s infidelity past. That’s not to say Bambi doesn’t acknowledge or appreciate Scrappy’s efforts.

“It is cute; it is a nice start for him,” she said in a recent interview. “But, he is going to have to do a whole bunch more. He is going to have to show a lot more [romantic gestures] going forward.”

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