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" /> Trina and Miami Woman Trade Barbs on Twitter, Reveals Sexual Relationship With Missy Elliott? - FYINERTAINMENT

Trina and Miami Woman Trade Barbs on Twitter, Reveals Sexual Relationship With Missy Elliott?

Rapper Trina gave a refresher course on who’s the baddest late Wednesday evening, and just so we’re clear — she says she is.

The Miami rapper took aim at a woman — later identified as #KimBRocsMics — during an epic Twitter rant where Trina demanded that Kim and others respect her name.

Trina soon became a trending topic on the social media platform and later moved her tirade to Instagram.

“You want smoke, now you got it,” she said via IG Live. “Y’all hoes gonna respect my m********in’ name. Imma start making y’all hoes bow down and kiss my m*********in’ feet. Y’all bum ass hoes. I paved the way for y’all hoes to even speak in MIami. Don’t even talk my m********n’ name without sayin’ ‘Miss.’”

#Trina lashes out at #Miami rappers #KimBRocsMics and #Lattie on IG Live 👀 (Via @trinarockstarr) @worldstar #WSHH

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In the clip, the Diamond Princess continues to attack “wack” and “nasty-lookin’ ass b*****.”

“I see you bum ass b****s around, i don’t speak on you bitches. I don’t give a f*** about you hoes. I’m too busy getting money. F*** you talkin’ about? Too busy planning for Trina Day next year,” she said. “Since I don’t give back–give back that, hoe! Did you ever give at a toy drive? I ain’t ever see you at a m******in’ hospital giving toys to the kids, b****!”

Trina went on to accuse Kim of using her name for exposure. She is currently filming VH1’s Love and Hip-Hop: Miami. 

Kim B Roc Mics had a few choice words of her own. According to Kim, Trina is a closeted lesbian and once hooked up with Missy Elliott. 

Elliot and Trina collaborated on the 2005 track, “Minute Man.”

Kim also claimed that herself and Trina were also in a secret sexual relationship. Kim said the “Here We Go” rapper was upset that she wouldn’t leave her girlfriend for her.

Watch the NSFW clips below:

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