Don’t count Phaedra Parks out of rejoining her castmates on “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

There’s been speculation that Parks is in financial distress after several documents showed she is either trying to sell or rent her multimillion-dollar properties. Parks denied she is strapped for cash in a tweet.

Additionally, Parks finally divorced her incarcerated husband, Apollo Nida, which presumably caused a dent in her pockets. But now Radar Online is reporting, Parks is looking to stack her bank account with those lovely RHOA checks.

“She is desperate for cash,” a source told the outlet. “She is trying to sell one of her homes and lease a recently purchased home because she does not have the substantial income that she was earning on RHOA.”

However, the producers of the hit show aren’t biting. For one, nobody wants to film with Parks and her life isn’t entertaining enough for television.

Bravo TV

“She has been in constant contact with producers asking to make a cameo or be part of the series in some capacity,” the source said. “They have repeatedly declined her offers because she no longer has an organic relationship with any of the season 10 cast members.”

The source added, “Parks even offered to date and open up more about her personal life.”

Bravo cut ties with Parks after she made up lies about Kandi Burrus wanting to drug and rape Porsha Williams.


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