Tamar Braxton is stepping away from the microphone in order to save her marriage. 

Braxton told Entertainment Tonight that her union to husband, Vincent Herbert, has been rocky as a result of her singing career. Prior to releasing music as a solo artist, Braxton oftentimes sang backup for her sister, Toni Braxton — a role she forever complained about on her family’s reality series, “Braxtons Family Values.”

“There are a lot of things that I want to do, and a lot of things that are in the works,” Braxton, 40, told Entertainment Tonight. “There’s a lot of things that are going on in my relationship and me being close to this music industry, and whatever I can do to eliminate all of the stress and problems off of my relationship, I would rather do that.”

Braxton and Herbert, 44, have been married since 2008 and share a 5-year-old son together, Logan.

“My husband and I work very close together and it’s really hard, you know?” Braxton added. “Not only do we work together, he is my baby daddy and, you know, we’ve been together forever. He’s my best friend. It’s a lot of things to discuss and argue about.”

The “Love and War” singer admitted that her family needs fell to the wayside as she pursued other ventures, including her reality series alongside her sisters and host of the daytime talk show “The Real.” Braxton was reportedly relieved of her hosting duties due to her attitude.

“This is just my job,” she said of singing. “When I go home, that’s my home. I always want to keep my home a sanctuary and somewhere safe. Not just for me, but for my husband and my kid.”

Her fifth and final album, “Bluebird of Happiness,” will be released Sept. 29. Braxton will still have a place in the music industry as she will continue to write songs for other artists.

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