Netflix has over 100 million subscribers and presumably Rihanna is one of them. 

At least Chris Brown hopes so. 

Brown’s documentary “Welcome to My Life” was recently added to the streaming platform’s lineup and he reportedly wants his former flame to watch the film, according to a new report. 

“Now that Chris [Brown]‘s documentary is more readily available for the world on Netflix, he hopes the most special person in the world to him gets to see the film, and that’s Rihanna,” a source told Hollywood Life.

“Chris is pretty sure that Rihanna has not seen the film yet, and he hopes that once she watches it, she will better understand how much he has grown, changed and matured since their relationship.”

The source continued, “Chris knows Rihanna may not come running back into his arms after seeing the film, but he hopes that after watching it, she can begin to have more closure on that phase of their life and maybe create new, healthier memories together.”

Brown recounted the night he pummeled the “Needed Me” singer back in February of 2009 in the doc. 

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