Did Evelyn Lozada trade in the athletes for a rapper? 

Word on the curb is that Lozada, 42, is dating rap star French Montana. The Basketball Wives” beauty is said to be “taking things slow” with Montana, and they are focused on “building their relationship,” reports The Blast. 

Fans began to speculate that romance was brewing between the two after photos of Evelyn’s birthday cake looked to have been taken at Montana’s house. 

Lozada’s new alleged relationship would be different for her, as she is known for dating athletes. Her last relationship was with Los Angeles Dodgers star Carl Crawford, whom she shares a toddler son with. 

The two were set to get married in July but the wedding was called off after cheating allegations against Crawford surfaced. 

Prior to that courtship, Lozada dated former NFL player Chad Ochocinco. They, too, were set to wed but that came to screeching halt after Ochocinco headbutted the Puerto Rican beauty. 

Another man Lozada was expected to walk down the aisle with was former NBA player Antonie Walker. The two dated for a decade before calling it quits in 2007. 

Walker has said that his former flame abandoned him after he began to have financial issues. 

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