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Black Ink Crew’s Sky and Rah Ali Throw Punches At P. Diddy’s NYE Bash 

Let’s hope Sky and Rah Ali left their beef in 2017. 

The two women were allegedly involved in a physical altercation on NYE, according to several sources on the scene in Miami. 

Witnesses said Sky approached Rah for a hug outside the venue where Diddy was hosting his NYE bash. Rah was said to be unsure of Sky’s true intentions and immediately began to throw punches at the “Black Ink Crew” star. 

Rah recounted the violent incident on Instagram Live shortly thereafter.

“Things happened the way they were supposed to happen,” said Rah, who displayed a broken nail on her right hand. “No one jumped anyone. No intervening of security from TV shows. None of that stuff, just one-on-one. Just two people, that’s it, nobody else.”

Rah went on to say that the bout was fair between the two entrepreneurs. 

It’s unclear if the fight occurred before or after the star-studded party, considering Sky appeared unscathed in photos of herself inside of the venue. 

Sky and Rah’s feud dates back years and commenced when Rah allegedly took credit for an eyelashes business from Sky’s friend. The dispute was documented on Instagram.

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