It seems controversy has surrounded Offset and Cardi B after he asked her to marry him in front of thousands in last year October. 

Between a leaked nude video of Cardi B, two alleged cheating videos of Offset, and him reportedly impregnating another woman, fans can’t help to wonder if their relationship will withstand all of the drama. Cardi is said to be in agreement with the Bardi Gang. 

“Cardi is caught between heaven and hell right now,” an insider told Hollywood Life exclusively. “Her career is going better than she ever imagined but at the same time she’s starting to worry it’s the beginning of the end for her and Offset.”

The source added, “She doesn’t want to accept it but it’s very hard to trust him now that the seed of doubt has been planted. She’s fighting hard to stay positive and believe that they can make it through this but it’s really eating away at her happiness. She should be celebrating non-stop right now but she’s having trouble being truly happy right now because her heart is breaking.”

While the “Bodak Yellow” rapper loves Offset, Cardi B reiterated that she will not put up with dishonesty and lies in her relationship. 

During a performance last week, Cardi called out her fiance for his philandering ways. 

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