Nicki Minaj is single after reportedly ending her seven-months relationship with Nas 
Now there is another rapper who wants a shot with the ‘Queen of Rap’ — Drake. 

Drake has allegedly had a crush on his label mate for years but nothing romantic has ever materialized between the two. The “More Life” is hoping this time around is different now that Nas is out of the picture.

“Drake believed Nicki’s relationship with Nas was fake the whole time, and now that it seems to have ended, Drake’s thinking of hooking up with Nicki again, in and out of the studio,” one insider revealed.

The insider added, “Drake’s always thought Nicki is sexy and a good time to hang out with, but while she was messing around with Nas, Drake kept his distance. Regardless of how Drake felt about their relationship, he has respect for him and gave them space. Drake felt like Nas had a jealous streak, so Drake distanced himself from Nicki while with Nas. But now that things are over, Drake sees an opportunity to get close again with Nicki!”

Nicki Minaj doesn’t shy away from the rappers as her last two relationships were with Safaree ‘SB’ Samuels and Meek Mill. 

Minaj’s relationship with Meek Mill — which ended in early 2017 — put a strain on her friendship with Drake due to the two men feuding with one another. 

In 2016, Drake released a scathing diss track titled “Back to Back,” which emasculated Meek Mill by stating Minaj’s star status is more bigger than her then-babe. 

“You love her, then you gotta give her a world tour/ Is that a world tour or your girl’s tour?/ I know that you gotta be a thug for her/ This ain’t what she meant when she told you to open up more,” he spat on the Grammy-nominated track. 

To drive in his point, Drake added: “And shout-out all my boss [expletive] wife-in [expletive]/Make sure you hit him with the prenup.”

As for Minaj’s relationship with Nas, the “Anaconda” rapper played coy about their romance during a May 2017 interview with Ellen DeGeneres. 

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