Now that Nicki Minaj is single, will she listen to Safaree’s pleas of reconciliation?

As previously reported, Minaj, 35, ended her relationship with Nas after seven months of dating. The newly single “No Frauds” rapper has a slew of men waiting in line to have a shot with her, including childhood sweetheart, SB.

“Safaree has been hitting up Nicki since he found out things have ended between her and Nas,” a source told Hollywood Life. “He still loves her and has never given up hope that they will get back together. Safaree feels that he is the reason for most of her early success in her career and that with him back in her life he can help take her to the next level again. Safaree wants her back, badly, and thinks she is as sexy as ever.”

Safaree, who stars in several VH1 reality shows, has made it no secret that Minaj still holds a place in his heart.

Shortly after the two ended their decade plus relationship,  Safaree, 36, took to Twitter to express the heartache of never starting a family with Minaj.

Most recently, he lauded Minaj’s steamy Paper Magazine cover. 

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