Rap star Cardi B has her foot on Nicki Minaj’s neck — and Minaj is reportedly feeling the heat. 

Cardi B had a breakout year back in 2017 and the momentum is only continuing for the Bronx rapper. With a number one single under her belt — the first female solo rapper to do so in 20 years — in “Bodak Yellow” and a possible worldwide tour with Bruno Mars, Cardi is definitely the “IT” female rapper at the moment. And Minaj has taken notice. 

“Cardi B took over the scene and has been breaking all these records. Anyone in their right mind would be like, ‘I better step my game up.’ She wants to be on top. It’s friendly competition. It’s not a RemyMa situation, but, Nicki definitely pays attention,” an insider told “Page Six TV.”

Another source refuted those claims and said Minaj is solely focused on herself.  

Minaj has been noticeably quiet on social media, which prompted fans to launch a campaign titled “Nicki is Missing.” Not to fret fans,  Minaj is reportedly in the studio working on new music. 

“She’s in the studio in Miami. She just had a private listening session with her managers. Drake and [Lil] Wayne are in Miami, too — hopefully all recording together,” the source said.

While Cardi B is riding the wave of fame and exposure, it doesn’t mean she is a fan of what being a star entails. 

In an interview with CR Fashion Book, Cardi said she laments fame and said she misses her old life of anonymity. 

What has carried her through are her fans, family and boyfriend rapper Offset of the rap trio Migos. 

The two are reportedly expecting their first child. 

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