Rumors began swirling that Rihanna and TechStyle Fashion Group have collaborated on a lingerie line after a March 6 article by WWD revealed the “Needed Me” singer signed a deal with the company.

Now a former employee of the retailer confirms its legitimacy in an exclusive interview with FYINTERTAINMENT.

“I’d say it’s rih-sque and sexy but fun and flirty,” the source said of Rihanna’s collection, which has been in the works for over a year. “Different textures, cuts and & styles: lace, feathers & fluff, strappy, high waist, one pieces, two pieces, various colors, nipple-less and crotch-less.”

And if you think Rihanna is taking a backseat during the creative process – think again.

“She’s been heavily involved in the design process. The office has been secured for her arrival a few times, so I’d say she’s pretty involved, especially considering her previous brand successes,” the source added. “It was rumored that the lingerie line may be available for an annual subscription, instead of monthly, like the other TechStyle brands. I don’t know that to be true or not.”

TechStyle is currently partnered with actress Kate Hudson for her athleisure brand, Fabletics, and consumers can purchase new outfits every month.

Rihanna has conquered the fashion and beauty industry with Puma X Fenty and Fenty Beauty, respectively.

In fact, it was reportedly the explosion of Fenty Beauty – which racked in a whopping $72 million just one month after its launch in September of last year – that forced the 30-year-old Barbadian beauty to postpone the release of her intimates collection. But not to worry, the wait is said to be over as Rih is dropping the goodies in May.

RiRi, who is an advocate for inclusivity (see: the array of Fenty Beauty foundation shades), has reportedly ensured that all of her fans will have the opportunity to feel sexy in the bedroom. Items will be available in plus sizes, going up to 3x. Ahem – do you hear that, Ashley Graham?

Tracee Ellis Ross once said her dream love scene would be a threesome with Rihanna and deceased actor James Dean. It looks like Ross might have an opportunity to lay in bed with Rih – well, sort of.


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