It is no secret that Cardi B doesn’t write her own raps. But does she also use other fashion designers ideas?

According to Ashanti’s little sister, Kenashia Douglas, she does.

In an Instagram post, Douglas — a budding designer — insinuated that one of the pieces in Cardi B’s Fashion Nova collection is awfully similar to one of her designs.

Douglas spoke about the fashion industry and how easy it is to have designs stolen by others.

“I peeped people, certain designers I’ve worked with even! try to run with the design and make it their own,” she wrote, adding photographic evidence.

She continued, “I charged it to the game cuz I’m no hater bitch and I know the possibilities of my creativity are limitless & I can Rely solely on that an be good! however, im reminded no matter how old never doubt myself! #Fashionnova”

Ashanti and sister Kenashia (Wireimage)

Cardi B’s Fashion Nova collection immediately sold-out after its Wednesday (Nov. 14) launch.

In an interview with PEOPLE, Cardi B stated she wanted to see everyone, including Rihanna in her pieces.

“The Bardashians, Rihanna, artists, a whole bunch of Instagram models, my fans… I want to see everyone wear it,” she said.



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