P. Diddy and Kim Porter had an on again, off again relationship that spanned decades. They welcomed three children — in that timeframe. 

Although the romance between them dwindled, the two remained friends and focused on co-parenting their brood. Most recently, the entire family linked together to support Porter’s son Quincy Brown at the premiere of his new film The Holiday Calendar just last month. 

Naturally, Diddy is “devastated” about the death of Porter, who was found deceased in her home on Thursday (Nov. 15). An autopsy is scheduled to determine Porter’s exact cause of death.

Back in 2009, Diddy (born Sean Combs) and Porter recounted to Essence about the time they met. Read the excerpt below:

There’s Something About Kim

Diddy: “The first time I saw her, she was at the studio with her ex-boyfriend (singer Al B. Sure). I wasn’t trying to holler at her or anything, but I was admiring her—her lips, her eyes, her mouth, her shape, her energy—and thinking, ‘I wish I had a girl like that.’”

Uptown Records Founder Andre Harrell: “Puff was in love with her from the first time he saw her. You could tell from the way he looked at her. Every morning when he showed up for work, Porter would give Combs a smile. But still, he didn’t make a move. “

Diddy: “She kind of made me nervous. She wasn’t like a New York girl. She was Bohemian, mixed with Georgia-peach hospitality. I got the idea she’d like doing stuff like walking barefoot in the grass. I didn’t think I could get her to like me. She was smooth, you know, like ice. She’s cool and collected and thinks before she speaks. You meet a lot of young ladies, and they just don’t do that. Kim was never pressed; she was always in control.”

Porter: “We went out together, we ate together, we played together. He would want me at the office; I would want him at my shoots. Our bond was so tight.”  

Diddy: “It just didn’t feel right without her. I’m talking about from a strip club to playing poker, she would be there. The girl could even throw a football.”

Read the entire interview here.


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