Kim Porter, the ex-girlfriend of P. Diddy has passed away. She was 47.

According to TMZ, emergency responders were dispatched to Porter’s Los Angeles home Thursday afternoon after receiving a call about a woman experiencing cardiac arrest. Porter was reportedly declared dead on the scene.

A source told TMZ that Porter was battling flu-like symptoms, and possibly pneumonia for several weeks before her untimely death. Porter is said to have phoned her physician on Wednesday stating that her failing health hadn’t improved.

Porter’s publicist Cindi Berger confirmed the sad news in a statement that read: “Sadly, I can confirm the passing of Kim Porter. I ask that you give the families privacy at this time.”

Porter, a svelte model began dating P. Diddy, then an Uptown Records A&R executive in 1994.

“She’s my muse,” he told Essence in a 2009 interview. “You know how they say it in the movies? It’s corny but beautiful: She completes me.”

They welcomed three children together throughout their on-and-off-again relationship: son Christian, 20, and 11-year-old twin daughters D’Lila Star and Jessie James. Porter has a son, Quincy from a previous relationship, who is extremely close to Diddy.


“He’s not ready to get married,” she told Essence at the time. “When I get married, I want to stay married. I want both parties to be on the same page at the same time, and to leave a certain type of behavior behind. That’s a commitment I don’t think he’s ready for.”

Despite going their separate ways, they remained friends.

“Sean and I have this bond, this friendship,” she said. “It’s not about ‘if you’re faithful to me, if I’m being faithful to you.’ We’re friends. I’m the person he can tell his innermost thoughts to, and he’s that person for me. He still calls me every day and we talk.”

She added, “There’s no ill feeling or ‘I can’t stand you, I hate you, don’t call.’ There’s none of that. We have three children together so that’s just not an option. We’re committed to our children, even if we couldn’t commit to each other.”

The entire family supported Quincy at the premiere of his film The Holiday Calendar just last month.




Sending well-wishes to the entire Porter and Combs family.

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