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Tommie Lee wants a pen pal.

The “Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta” star is currently housed in Cobb County jail after she was arrested for attacking her daughter at a Georgia middle school last month.

Lee — whose birth name is Atasha Chizaah Jefferson — released details on how fans can get in contact with her, per a tweet from her official account.

A Twitter user included additional details on how to send letters to the 37-year-old reality star, which Lee’s account retweeted.

Lee has been charged with felony aggravated assault, simple battery, first-degree child cruelty and disruption of public schools.

Lee has an extensive criminal history and has over 30 mugshots that date back decades. In an interview with VH1, Lee explained that many of her mugshots are a result of probation violations.

“Half the time I’ve been on probation without going to prison. Half the time I was put on probation but I was still a badass,” she said in 2016. “I still would violate probation. I wouldn’t do community service so guess that you get booked again and you got a whole new mugshot. People act like I’m just a real criminal out here. I’m not denying any of the [expletive] that I did but that’s not the life I live right now.”

It is unknown when the budding rapper will be released from jail. However, while there, she intends to better her life.

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