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ICYMI: Police Identify Person Of Interest In “Surviving R. Kelly” Shooting Threat

Law enforcement has made headway in identifying the person who phoned in a gun-threat at an R. Kelly documentary screening in New York City last week.

Per TMZ, police say the caller used a telephone number with a Chicago area code. It is unknown if the person of interest has any connection to R. Kelly. However, the R&B crooner’s ex-wife suspected he had some involvement in the threat.

“I can’t speak to what he would or would not do because I don’t know what his mindset is right now,” Drea told Variety. “But I would say that I don’t believe in happenstance, I don’t believe that anything is a coincidence.”

She continued, “I do believe that in some shape, form or fashion it is connected to him. Now, whether he orchestrated it or not, that I cannot say. But I just do not believe in coincidences. Of all the theaters, of all the nights, of all the premiers, it happened with us.”

Last Tuesday, revelers were forced to evacuate NeueHouse about 15 minutes into the viewing of “Surviving R. Kelly” after the threat was made.

Distinguished guests in attendance were cultural critic Jamilah Lemieux and Me Too founder Tana Burke. A Q&A session with some of the participants in the docu-series was scheduled to follow the broadcast.

“Surviving R. Kelly” recounts the physical, sexual, and mental abuse R. Kelly allegedly inflicted on dozens of women dating back decades, including Drea.

Drea recounted an alleged incident where the singer nearly suffocated her with his forearm in an October interview with The View.

Despite the controversy that swarmed the documentary, Drea and the other women aren’t deterred.

“We’re causing people to listen,” Drea told Rolling Stone. “We’re getting people’s attention and we’re getting attention from the one who thought that he was invincible and untouchable. And that also applies to the people that work for him and the people that are around him.”