Steve Stephens (Facebook)

Before Cleveland fugitive Steve Stephens documented his murderous deed on Facebook, he uploaded videos of his day-to-day life on YouTube.

On Stephens’ YouTube channel called Triple Jointed TV, the 37-year-old gave viewers an inside look into his life in Cleveland, including his hobbies fishing and bowling.

Stephens uploaded 19 videos since September 2015, most of them less than a minute long.

In one video, he teaches his 5-year-old nephew how to fish.

“Don’t drop it,” he tells the boy, who can be seen holding his fishing pole. 

“Because if you drop it, you’re gonna be right in there with it. You better not drop my pole.”

In another video, he gives viewers a tutorial on how to successfully make a bowling strike.

Stephens’ final uploads show himself and his brother celebrating a Cleveland Cavaliers championship win outside the Quickens Loan Arena.

Seven months later, Stephens is a wanted man after he posted a Facebook video of himself allegedly killing 74-year-old Robert Godwin Sr. on Easter Sunday.

In the graphic footage, Stephens is seen driving around in search of a victim to shoot. When he finds Godwin, he walks up to him and demands that he says “Joy Lane” — the woman Stephens says is responsible for the shooting — before he blasts him in the head.

Stephens live streamed his confession, telling a man over the phone that he “snapped” and had a “lot of built in anger and frustration.”

Stephens also claimed that he killed 15 people, though police have yet to verify his claim.

“I’m about to keep killing until they catch me. [expletive] it,” he said.

Stephens — a mental health counselor for teens and young adults — is still on the lam as the manhunt widened to Pennsylvania, New York, Indiana, and Michigan.

Police believe Stephens has turned off his phone after it was last pinged in the Pennsylvania area. He is known to frequent the Presque Isle Downs and Casino, reported

Stephens was last seen in white Ford Fusion with temporary tags of E363630 and he is considered armed and dangerous. He is a Black male, 6ft, weighing 240 lbs, bald with a full beard and was last seen wearing a dark blue, and gray or black striped polo shirt. 

If anyone spots Stephens or his car, they are asked to contact police or a special hotline at 1-800-CALL FBI.

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