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The Justice Department will not bring any charges against the two Baton Rouge police officers who fatally shot Alton Sterling, according to the Washington Post.

The Tuesday (May 2) announcement comes nearly one year after officers Blane Salamoni and Howie Lake encountered Sterling on the evening of July 5 outside Triple S Food. Sterling, a father-of-five was selling CDS outside of the store.

The responding officers said they had received a report of a man threatening pedestrians with a gun. 

Footage of the confrontation showed Salamoni and Lake tackling Sterling, 37, to the ground before one of the officers is heard yelling, “He’s got a gun!”

Sterling was fatally shot in the chest and back. The officers were placed on routine administrative leave after the shooting. It was later found that Sterling was armed.

Following Sterling’s viral death, protesters flooded cities across the nation calling for justice. Baton Rouge Police Chief Carl Dabadie Jr. expects the same result after the DOJ’s decision to not prosecute Salamoni and Lake.

“It’s been an ongoing thing because we knew this was coming. We knew there was going to be a decision,” Dabadie said. “We were not perfect in the first round of the protests, and we had some things that we needed to correct … We’ve all tried to work better and get better, and I feel like we’ve accomplished that.”

Prom Dress Pays Tribute to Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, Alton Sterling

Milan Bolden-Morris (Credit: Terrence Torrence)

Prom season is a time for seniors to be the center of attention but for Florida high school student Milan Bolden-Morris, she used the opportunity to make a political statement.

Bolden-Morris, 17, a wore a mermaid style dress emblazoned with the faces of police brutality and vigilante, including Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland, Alton Sterling, Michael Brown to Cardinal Newman High School prom.

The dress was designed by Florida-based designer Terrence Torrence, who drew inspiration from the current political and social climate. 

“I begin to notice [oh my goodness] this issue is getting closer and closer to home,” Torrence said in an email to FYINTERTAINMENT. “The people I grew up with, the people that I know families are hurting suffering from the damage being caused by our officers who considered to serve and protect us.”

Torrence also said the Black community could become a stronger force with unification.

Milan Bolden-Morris (Credit: Terrence Torrence)

“In certain situations, I see a lack of support from our own African American community,” Torrence said. “We divide ourselves from one another I want people to see if we stick together as one, we too as well can be a force within making a change.”

The dress has garnered positive attention on social media but has also received negative feedback, with some saying the dress is exploitative of the Black Lives Matter movement. 


“Well, I can only pray for them. My designer, my family and many other understand that it was done for the message, not for me,” Milan said. “The negativity is inevitable because many have their opinions but this was done just to convey an issue that is reoccurring in America today.”

Torrence added, “It doesn’t matter what race anyone is that’s what I want the world to notice we should be able to support and love one another equally same race or not.”


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