Henry Bello

​The gunman who walked into a Bronx hospital with an assault rifle underneath his lab coat has been identified as Dr. Henry Bello, according to police sources. 

Bello, 45, a former employee of Lebanon Hosptial went on shooting spree around 3 p.m. Friday, opening fire on five floors of the medical center, sources said.

“Active shooting in Bronx Lebanon Hospital… Man dressed all in black. Smoke from the 16th floor,” the NYPD Special Operations Division posted to Twitter.

The New York Times reported that three doctors were among the injured, and their condition is unknown. CNN reported that as many as six people were shot. 

“I heard two doctors got shot 20 times, both of them,” said Jasmine Mercado, 24. “They said the person was going from the ninth floor to the eighth floor shooting.”

A woman was found dead besides Bello, who shot and killed himself afterwards on the 16th floor. 

According to sources, Bello was recently fired. A woman told Eyewitness News ABC7 that Bello said he would return to the facility and shoot people. The same woman said the family physician was let go for being mentally unstable. 

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