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Former Bad Boy Records Signee Sara Stokes’ Father Sentenced to 30 Years For Child Molestion

The biological father of Sara Stokes — a member of Diddy’s dismantled group Da Band — was sentenced to 30 years in prison for child molestion charges, according to the Detroit Press.

Jay Christopher Miller, 63, pleaded guilty in April to two counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct involving a minor under age 13 and one count of second-degree criminal sexual conduct. He will be eligible for parole when he is 82 years old. 

Stokes achieved mainstream success when she auditioned for Diddy’s MTV reality show, Making the Band in the early 2000s, ultimately winning a coveted spot in the group and a record deal with Bad Boy Records.

But before the fame and reality cameras Stokes says her father molested her for years yet nobody intervened. 

“When I spoke up and said he did this to me at 12 years old and when he did this to my friend, nobody did anything,’ Stokes told the Free Press on Sunday. “And then I also said it again at 16 that he had molested me and nobody did anything. So if they would have listened to me, and actually investigated that, this young little child would have never experienced that or anybody else that he possibly did it to but never got caught.”

“It hurts me that it took this long for him to finally face the consequences of his actions and that someone else had to be hurt, too. I’m happy he is off the streets for that, but it’s bittersweet because it is my dad. I just hoped he would have gotten help before all of this.”

She added: “In a way, it set me a little bit more free that now everyone can hear him say that he really did do this, but then it also was hurtful because he never acknowledged that he did it to me.”

Stokes says molestion was a pattern in her childhood, beginning when she was 5-years-old. She says her mother’s boyfriend began inappropriately touching her but her mother did nothing to stop it because she herself was physically abused by the man. 

It was that same year she’d meet Miller and would eventually go on to reside with him a few years later. There, she said her father physically abused her almost immediately after her arrival. It wasn’t until age 12 that her father began molesting her. 

“He had built this image of perfection on the outside, but on the inside, it was just chaos,’ Stokes said. ‘When I was 12 years old, he ended up molesting me, too. That was the point when all trust went out the window for everybody, especially men. I just felt so hurt. It felt like a gunshot to my heart because I couldn’t believe this man I looked up to from when I was 5 years old, me thinking that he was my protector ends up doing the same thing.”

In need of an outlet to escapte the trauma occurring in her life, Stokes focused on music. At age 17, she met Tony Stokes, and they eventually married two years later. The couple has four children. 

It is Tony who encouraged Sara to audition for the reality show. Throughout the series, Tony appeared overbearing, often clashing with Sara’s bandmates. 

Unfortunately, in 2004, Diddy dismantled the group dropping them from the label. They returned to Detroit and led ordinary lives.

In 2008, Tony’s job with Chrysler was transferred to California. He went West while Sara stayed in their home state before joining him a few months later. With both parents in California, the couple decided to leave their children behind with Miller and his wife. 

Despite Miller’s pedophilia history, the couple was not worried about one of their children becoming a potential victim. 

“It was something that he wouldn’t want to try to cross in any kind of way or force himself on because he knew that Sara’s husband, Tony, he ain’t from Port Huron. He is from Detroit and I have no problem with retaliating if something was to happen,” Tony said.

However, everything wasn’t glitzy and glamour for the two in California. The couple often made headlines for domestic violence related incidents.

It was her time in jail for violating her probation for a 2012 conviction for stabbing her husband when she was approached by CentricTV producers to film for the reality show “From the Bottom Up”

On the show she revealed her past of child molestion. Sara is set to release a documentary about her life in the near future. 

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