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Here’s Why LeBron James Twice Made Jamie Foxx Cry 

Sports fans can get a little emotional when cheering on their favorite team or player — add Jamie Foxx to that list. 

Foxx made an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” this week when he admitted to shedding years after Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James won the city’s first championship two seasons ago. 

“I cried last year, when LeBron won the championship,” Foxx told Kimmel. “I cried with joy.”

Foxx said his favorite team is the Dallas Mavericks but the stardom and athletic prowess of James cannot go unnoticed. 

“That guy right there, I watched his career and he lived up to the expectation,” Foxx said. “It’s always still tough on him too. But I dig it. And this past series was just crazy.”

So what reaction did the 47-year-old actor have when James and the Cavs lost to Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors?


“Yeah, I cried when he lost,” Foxx admitted.

A Foxx appearance isn’t complete without some form of impersonations, which he did of the two-time MVP.

Watch below:

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