A Craigslist advertisement that offered to pay “actors” to hold pro-Trump signs at the President’s Phoenix campaign rally Tuesday was revealed Sunday and immediately disappeared thereafter.

According to KHOU.com, minorities in favor of Trump were being sought by the administration and would be paid $10 per hour. 

Per screenshots of the advertisement, “Actors Needed (Phoenix) Several actors needed for Trump rally to be held in Phoenix. Minorities especially desired to hold Pro-Trump signs which will be provided. Please reply with headshot for consideration.”

However, a number attached to the post was the contact information of an 18-year-old high graduate. He has since been plagued with death threats over the alleged ad. 

The graduate said he had no idea about the post nor how his number came to be a part of the advert. He also said he doesn’t work or has an affiliation with the Trump administration. 

There’s been long speculation that Trump used actors during his presidential campaign. He has denied all claims. 

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