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Did Beyonce — the woman who wrote the hit song Bootylicious — alter her own booty?

According to Radar Online, the 36-year-old singer treated herself to a mommy makeover and lifted her backside after the birth of her twins, Rumi and Sir Carter.

“JAY-Z’s been urging her to do this for years!” an insider gossiped to the entertainment website. “She finally warmed up to the idea.”

“She’d put on some weight with the babies and realized she wanted a rounder, firmer booty to go with them,” said the source.“She’s excited about this new look, She feels she has a more desirable hourglass figure.”

“He’s pushing for her to get a few more nips and tucks, too, including a boob job,” said the source. “And Bey’s definitely open to a breast augmentation, considering how nice her butt turned out!”

It is Beyonce’s tush that inspired the songstress to write the 2001 hit song.

According to producer Rob Fusari, Beyonce came up with the concept of the female empowerment track.

“She was out of the country at that point, but she had the ‘Bootylicious’ concept in her head. That was totally her. She knew what she wanted to say. It was very urban pop angle that they were taking on the record,” Fusari said, per Entertainment Weekly.

In a 2001 interview with MTV UK, Beyonce spoke of her curves.

“I guess my butt is natural. But I go through stages like every woman. I like being curvy but sometimes I get curvy in the wrong places,” she said. “After New Year I do stairs – they are the best thing for butt cheeks. Every January I’ll start working out. I’ll do that for three months and then stop again!”

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