Reality stars Kirk Frost and Jasmine Washington were no-shows at the paternity court trial that would prove (or disprove) that Frost fathers Washington’s baby. 

However, a source says their absence is all part of a bigger plan, and that is to maintain a storyline for “Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta.”

According to those familiar with the pair, Frost told his alleged child’s mother to remain mum about the paternity test so fans can get a part two of their story next season. 

“Kirk found a way to dodge the DNA test again; the guy is beyond slick,” said the insider. “This time he convinced Jasmine it was in both their best interest to hold off, that it was the only way to make sure they’d both get a big storyline next season.”

In the meantime, Frost is allegedly using his money to keep Washington quiet. The source said the businessman is secretly footing the cost of Washington’s lifestyle and is also paying child support for the young boy. 

“He is throwing money at her again too; he is paying all her bills and then some. And he has been secretly visiting Kannon, that was part of the deal because Jasmine wants them to bond.”

But where does this leave Rasheeda, Frost’s wife?

Last fans saw of her, Rasheeda was on the couch of the show’s reunion episode tearfully explaining the hurt Kirk continues to put her through with his infidelity. 

Per another source, the two are working on their marriage and are focused on raising their two children. 

“Rasheeda and Kirk are in couples counseling, and it is amazing how much it is helping,” said the source. “They are going very deep, and Rasheeda says she is starting to understand Kirk better and why he does the crazy things that he does.”

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