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" /> VIDEO: Friend of Quantasia Sharpton Calls Her ‘Finesse God’ on FB Live, Is She Telling the Truth About Usher? - FYINERTAINMENT

VIDEO: Friend of Quantasia Sharpton Calls Her ‘Finesse God’ on FB Live, Is She Telling the Truth About Usher?

(L-R) Attorney Lisa Bloom and Quantasia Sharpton (Splash News)

Comedian Lil Duval doesn’t believe Usher engaged in any sexual contact with Quantasia Sharpton; Sharpton said she did.

During a press conference on Monday, Sharpton, 21, stood by her attorney Lisa Bloom and explained the night she met the “Trading Places” singer.

Sharpton said she attended an Usher concert to celebrate her 19th birthday. She said she wore a crown atop her head which caught the attention of Usher’s camp, at which she was invited backstage to meet the singer.

She also said a security personnel said Usher, 38, was interested in her and wanted her telephone number. After arriving at her hotel room, she received a call from a blocked number. The person on the other end was allegedly Usher.

The two met up and they had sexual contact, Sharpton said she said she wasn’t diagnosed with genitalia herpes but felt violated that he hadn’t disclosed his status prior to the assignation.

“When I first heard he had herpes I couldn’t believe it…I would have never consented if I had known,” she said.

She and two other alleged victims have teamed up to sue the R&B crooner.

During the press conference, Bloom refused to reveal the city or date of when Sharpton attended Usher’s concert. However, a scroll through her Instagram page reveals she attended the 2014 UR Tour — which featured both Usher and August Alsina — in Atlantic City, NJ  around the time of her birthday in November.

Also featured on her Instagram page is a photo of herself sporting the crown she said she wore to the concert. She also took a couple of snaps with August Alsina (and his brother), who she appears to fawn over across her feed.

From that night, there are no photos of Usher. In fact, of all of her uploads there isn’t a single picture of Usher. On her page, she has photos of herself alongside Alsina, rappers Troy Ave and Young Lito. She allegedly also Facetimed Texas rapper Kirko Bangs. She also has a selfie with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

After her press conference went viral, several Facebook users claimed to know her. A woman named Renee Jenkins said Sharpton has a history of fabricating stories. She said Sharpton once stated she was Al Sharpton’s granddaughter, pregnant with twin girls, and working for Alsina.



Sharpton is the mother of a toddler son.

Another Facebook user named Tamel Blondell went on Facebook Live with Sharpton and other people. They laughed as they called Sharpton the “Finesse God.”

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