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Rob Kardashian Claims Blac Chyna Was Abusive, Strangled Him With iPhone Charger 

Angela ‘Blac Chyna’ White and Rob Kardashian (Greg Doherty/Getty Images)

Rob Kardashian has filed a lawsuit against Blac Chyna after claims she strangled him with an iPhone charger. 

Kardashian alleges his former fiancee went on a violent tirade on December 16, 2016, after a night of consuming alcohol and drugs, according to a report by The Blast.

The 30-year-old son of Kris Jenner said he was able to free himself from Chyna’s clutches but she continued to physically attack him, repeatedly hitting him in the head and face. Kardashian documented his neck injuries and has the evidence of a ripped shirt collar in his possession. 

Chyna (real name Angela Renee White) allegedly went berserk on items inside of the home as well. She is said to have damaged a television, broke cell phones, smashed a door, destroyed walls, and even crushed a gingerbread house that was made for Christmas.

The couple along with their daughter, Dream, were renting the home from Kardashian’s youngest sister Kylie Jenner. 

Jenner has also decided to take legal action against Chyna for the reported damage, which is said to be worth over $100K. 

Kardashian said he tried to flee the property but Chyna threw a chair at his Bentley and even grabbed a metal rod to attack him with. 

The socks designer decided against calling the authorities because he didn’t want her arrested or cause a scene.

It’s been an ugly end for the couple who was set to marry in July of this year. Back in June, Kardashian went on a social media rampage against Chyna, accusing her of being a perpetual cheater. He also posted nude photos of the mother-of-two. 

The two recently agreed to share custody of their daughter, with Kardashian agreeing to pay Chyna $20,000 per month in child support. The agreement also meant Chyna would drop all claims that Kardashian was abusive towards her.

Chyna is still seeking a “seven-figure” settlement for the revenge porn incident.


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