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" /> Blac Chyna and Mechie Star in Less Than Stellar Sex Tape, Plan to Take Legal Action   - FYINERTAINMENT

Blac Chyna and Mechie Star in Less Than Stellar Sex Tape, Plan to Take Legal Action  

A sex tape featuring Blac Chyna and her ex-boyfriend Mechie surfaced earlier this week, and the pair isn’t happy about it. 

The video, which shows Chyna performing oral sex on the budding musician, appeared on social media and immediately soon after, Chyna’s lawyer Lisa Bloom had a few words for the culprit behind the leak. 

“Revenge porn – posting explicit images without the consent of everyone in those images – is a crime, a civil wrong, and a form of domestic abuse,” Bloom tweeted. “It’s also a way to try to slut shame women for being sexual. Girls have killed themselves over revenge porn. It’s not a joke.

The intimate act between the two is said to have occurred back in July. If you recall, this is the same time when Rob Kardashian — Chyna’s ex-fiance — went on a social media tirade against Chyna accusing her of being a gold-digging opportunist who only birthed their daughter to seek revenge against his youngest sister Kylie Jenner. 

Jenner was once in a relationship with Tyga — who was previously engaged to Chyna and share a five-year-old son — and has since moved on with Travis Scott. 

In addition to belittling Chyna, Kardashian leaked several nude videos of Chyna as well as a video of the 29-year-old beauty passionately kissing Mechie. 

Chyna (born Angela Renee White) has also been linked to Ferrari and rapper Playboi Carti. 

However, Chyna has alleged in a lawsuit against the Kardashian family that her life has been ruined since ending her relationship with Kris Jenner’s only son. 

“The unwritten rule no one told (Chyna) when she began her relationship with Kardashian is that the entire family will come after you if you leave, using their fame, wealth and power to take you down, including getting your television show cancelled (despite great ratings), spreading lies about you, and even funding a bogus lawsuit about a crumbled gingerbread house,” reads the court document. 

Chyna also contends that her love life has suffered. The lawsuit against the Kardashians is still pending. 

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