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Kim Kardashian’s Parenting Skills Attacked After North West Photographs Her ‘Topless’


Uh-oh, Kim Kardashian’s social media postings are causing an uproar yet again. 

Kardashian took to Instagram on Thursday where she uploaded an image of herself in the mirror, and her bra straps at her elbows, appearing topless. The photo is normal Kim K, who often post her figure on the social media platform, therefore, that wasn’t the issue. 

The issue for many IG users was Kim’s choice for a photographer — no other than North West. The decision by the mother-of-three resulted in vicious attacks on Kardashian’s parenting skills. 

Some thought it was inappropriate for Kim to have Nori snap photos of her in what they called a sexualized manner.

“This is disappointing what type of mother are you please don’t corrupt your child so young,” one user wrote beneath the image. 

Another wrote, “This is disgusting. You’re taking a child’s innocence. I used to like I but now I do not.”

Somebody needs to call CPS! Using a 4 year like this?!?! It’s just a ploy she came up with to boost her sales,” accused one fan.

“I have no problem with a mum changing with her kids in the room. But to have your daughter take a photo and then post that photo is so wrong. She’s going to grow up thinking it’s fine to show your body on the internet, and then doing it, probably from a young and inappropriate age,” another IG user added.

However, other fans didn’t see the fuss and believed Kimmy and her eldest daughter’s bonding time was purely innocent.


“Lmaoooo all these people are really mad because her daughter took the picture? 😂😂😂 Oh dear god 🙄 like gtfo North came outta her people! There are things much creepier….like when y’all breast feed y’all kid after they’re 12months,” wrote one person.

Another added their two cents by stating: “I don’t understand why people are freaking out about this tbh.”

Another wrote: “Her kid Her life Her choice if you so called fans don’t like it unfollow or stop watching tv cause she’s gonna be everywere doing what she does best and that’s looking good. She’s just not scared to show what she has. More power to you @kimkardashian.”

One fan even went on to say Kimmy is jealous that her younger sister Kylie Jenner is landing all of the attention, now that she has given birth to her daughter. 

“oh no kim. cant take kylie breaking the internet,” wrote one user.


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