Nicki Minaj has been on edge lately, no? 

Minaj, who is set to release her album “Queen” in August, got into a one-sided spat with a Twitter user who criticized her music. 

It all began when @WannasWorld shared her opinion on Minaj’s music on the microblogging platform Friday evening. The Toronto based writer called for growth in Minaj’s music. The “Barbie Tingz” rapper caught wind of what was written and allegedly hopped in the woman’s DMs and gave her a piece of her mind. 

Following the tense interaction, the woman says she’s been inundated with hate messages from Minaj’s fanbase. 

As of late, Minaj hasn’t been receptive to any criticism, and is responding back to naysayers more frequent than usual. It was just a few weeks ago when she slammed a Twitter user who called her a hypocrite for slut shaming women in an interview with Elle magazine. 

What gives, do you agree with the Twitter user that Minaj needs to mature in her sound?  

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