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The New York screening of “Surviving R. Kelly” was evacuated Tuesday night after receiving several anonymous threats.

Attendees were forced to exit NeueHouse about 15 minutes into the viewing after a gun threat against the venue was reportedly phoned in.

“There was a called-in gun threat, so as a precaution we evacuated.” a Lifetime representative confirmed to the Hollywood Reporter.

Cultural critic Jamilah Lemieux and #MeToo founder Tarana Burke were in attendance and tweeted about the incident.

Veteran journalist Kierna Mayo, also in the audience, alluded that R. Kelly was behind the threat.

“Was at the screening for #survivingrkelly. It was evacuated by nypd because of a threat that was called in. Kels, it’s too late for stunts. It’s airing on @lifetimetv in January. You’re guilty as charged,” she tweeted.

R. Kelly’s ex-wife Andrea, who revealed the R&B crooner was violent throughout their marriage in a couple of interviews last month, also believes the threat is connected to the singer.

“I can’t speak to what he would or would not do because I don’t know what his mindset is right now,” she told Variety. “But I would say that I don’t believe in happenstance, I don’t believe that anything is a coincidence.”

She continued, “I do believe that in some shape, form or fashion it is connected to him. Now, whether he orchestrated it or not, that I cannot say. But I just do not believe in coincidences. Of all the theaters, of all the nights, of all the premiers, it happened with us.”

“Surviving R. Kelly” details the physical, sexual, and mental abuse R. Kelly allegedly inflicted on dozens of women dating back decades. Earlier this year, BuzzFeed revealed that R. Kelly leads a sex-obsessed cult and isolates the women from her family.

The docuseries, which is directed by dream hampton, is scheduled to air over the course of three nights on Lifetime beginning Jan. 3 at 9 p.m. EST/PST.

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