Remy Ma was arraigned on an assault charge for attacking a Love and Hip-Hop: New York costar.

Remy Ma is accused of punching Brittney Taylor in the face while the two were backstage at a fundraising concert at Irving Plaza last month.

Taylor alleges she and Remy Ma had a misunderstanding that led to a physical altercation on April 16. Taylor sought treatment at Mount Sinai Hospital for swelling and bruising to her eye.

Her attorney, Sandford Rubenstein lauded police for its investigation and subsequent arrest.

“This arrest demonstrates how serious this matter is,” Rubenstein said. “It is real life and not reality TV entertainment. The victim, Brittney Taylor, has confidence in our system of justice and will continue to fully cooperate with the authorities.”

Rubenstein added, “A conversation did take place involving Remy Ma’s stepchild. I don’t have any details with regard to the specifics of the conversation, but that’s what led up to the event.”

Remy Ma’s attorney, Dawn Florio, denied her client was in an altercation with Taylor on the night in question. Florio said she has video evidence and witnesses testimony that places Remy Ma away from the scene. According to Florio, Remy Ma was at home with her husband Papoose and their infant daughter.

Remy, whose given name is Reminisce Smith Mackie, has already served six years in prison for shooting an acquaintance. She recounted her experiences with The Huffington Post‘s “BARS” show, in which she said, “the system is designed for you to fail.”

“You try to fill out a job application,” she said. “You try to [apply] for housing. You try to do anything simple as voting you can’t do because of something that you did. So it’s never really like you paid your debt to society. You’re constantly paying for it over and over…The system is designed for you to fail.”

She went on to say, “People whose husbands forgot about them, boyfriends forgot about them. Friends forgot about them,” she explained. “Their children forgot about them. We just get thrown away and I’m tired of it”

Remy Ma turned herself into the 13th Precinct in Manhattan Wednesday. Released on bail, Remy was given an 8 p.m. curfew and ordered to stay away from Taylor.

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